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Writing Mayhem

Havoc, Chaos, Creativity

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The community name was inspired by the movie Fight Club's Project Mayhem and as such I may decide to hand out writing assignments. They of course will not be required, but I hope you will do them anyway just to try to boost creativity and broaden your horizons. I'll take suggesions for writing assignments via email.

This community was created to be a way to inspire people to write more. This is a place where people cna share story ideas or whole stories if you feel up to it. Or where you can just talk about the complications or rewards of writing. Just know that there are people out there who will steal intellectual property so posting is at your own risk.

Any type of writing is welcome, but pleast put long submissions or anything containing content above a pg-13 rating behind a cut. If there is adult content please make sure it is labelled as such.

Please be constructive in all your criticism. Comments that just verbally abuse another users work will be deleted. If you think this is taking place please e-mail me and it will be taken care of.

So, just be civil and things will mostly be okay. Try to keep all posts related to writing. So, with all that in mind, please post often. I don't want to be the father of an inactive community. This is my first so please be patient.